Thursday, July 29, 2010

Super Coach

Yellow Coach Model 719, 1936

Designed by Dwight E. Austin and financed by Greyhound, the Model 719 "Super Coach" with transverse rear engine and under-floor luggage space brought a new standard of passenger comfort to the inter­city bus industry.

Through a number of modifications the 719 developed into the diesel-powered, air-conditioned "Silversides," of which almost 2500 were placed into Greyhound service between 1940 and 1948, and then into 41-passenger postwar versions that introduced the 6-71 diesel to many over-the-road carriers.

Torque converter drive was not used, because it offered poor fuel economy at highway speeds.

Images: New York Public Library @ Flickr


PTA Transit Authority said...

What Style !!! Pure Clean !!!

-Warren Zoell said...

The GM Future Liner is pretty cool.

Lord K said...

To Warren:
Flxible Visicoach is cool, too.

Lord K said...

To PTA Transit Authority:
IMHO, the most beautiful Yellow Coach / GM bus ever.

duraluminwolf said...

Who was responsible for the styling of the model 719?

Lord K said...

As stated above, Dwight E. Austin was the chief designer. Regarding the styling, there's no clear info at my disposal - one source names Mr. St. Croix of FitzJohn Body Co. as a person who "had a hand in the design" of the Golden Coach.