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Modern Publicity

The wonderful annual review of publicity and packaging that was issued from c1924 until the late 1960s and forms a marvellous archive for the subject. This is the 1936 edition with very contemporary graphics by G R Morris.

Image & text: mickeyashworth @ Flickr

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Massilia Poster

Launched in 1914, the S.S. Massilia (15,147 grt, 600 ft. long) started her service only in 1920. In 1940, she was requisitioned by the government for use as a troop transport. In June '40, she took 27 French politicians to North Africa where they intended to established a new government (the plan failed). In 1944, the Massilia was sunk as a blockship.

Scanned and retouched by Paul Malon @ Flickr

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Deco Theater

City Theater in Amsterdam, designed by Jan Wils and Oscar Rosendahl (interior), was opened on October 28, 1935

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Globe Tower

All-Union Palace of the Soviets Open Contest entry
Architects: S. Germanovich, V. Strzhalusvari, N. Simonenko

early 1930s

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He Knows...

Yes he's aware of his responsibility. Be responsible!

Scanned and retouched by Paul Malon, on Flickr

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Eric Robot

An aluminium "man" that rises, bows and makes a "speech": a knight-like robot!
It had the honor of making the first speech in opening the exhibition and its success was such that London parents no longer frighten their disobedient children with talk of the "bogey-man." It Is "Eric. the Robot" who persuades the children into a regular and efficient performance of their chores.
 "The trouble is that up to the present time it needs two men to see that he does his work," said Captain Richards in describing his creation. "Thus as an economic factor it can't be said that he is paying his way. "

Sources: cyberneticzoo, whyfiles, Bundesarchv

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Grace Hotel, Sydney

Showpiece of an Art Deco architecture with a distinguished Neo-Gothic exterior (based on the Chicago Tribune Building)

Architects: DT Morrow and PJ Gordon

Built by Grace Bros. in the 1920s as a showpiece of their successful retail business, The Grace Hotel has been beautifully restored to its former glory, making one of Sydney’s most prominent historical landmark.

Photo by darthdowney @ Flickr

Paris Newsstand

Architect Jean Démaret (1897-1967) and Société marbrière de Paris for Hachette.

Via J.-C. Curtet @ Flickr

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Detail of the facade of Saldungaray village cemetery, designed by Francisco Salamone.

Image by Ostrosky Photos @ Flickr
See more Francisco Salomone @ Dieselpunk Encyclopedia

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Socialist Grocery

Smolenskaya Square, Moscow

Architect: A. Vesnin
Photographer: A. Rodchenko

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Tourer, Racer, Transport

A high-wing braced monoplane of conventional design that seated the pilot and passenger in tandem within a fully enclosed cabin, Breda Ba.15 was fitted with a wide variety of engines. The most popularly selected was the Walter Venus, but examples also left the factory powered by Cirrus III, de Havilland Gipsy, Colombo S.63, Walter Mars, and Isotta-Fraschini Asso engines.
Breda Ba.15s took part in several competitions. Among others, in August 1930 Col. Sacchi won the race Giro Aereo d'Italia flying Breda Ba.15S (altogether 10 Bredas took part in this contest).
Besides their civil use, some Ba.15s were operated by the Regia Aeronautica. An example is preserved at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia in Milan. One Ba.15 was bought in 1929 by an Italian resident in Paraguay, Nicola Bo. This plane was later sold to the Paraguayan Military Aviation and used in the Chaco War as a light transport plane with the serial T-8. It was destroyed in an accident in 1933.

Info: Wiki

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The BA-27 was a Soviet first series-produced armored car, manufactured from 1928 to 1931, and used for scouting and infantry support duties early in the Second World War. The BA-27 was a heavy armored car, having the same turret and armament (37mm gun) as the first Soviet tank, T-18.
The production of the first Soviet truck, AMO-F-15 truck (a copy of the Fiat F-15), started in 1924. Using the chassis of this truck, the Izhorsky Factory design team developed BA-27 heavy armored car in 1927.
After lengthy trials, the new vehicle was accepted into Soviet Red Army service in 1929. 215 were built between 1928–31. The last batch of BA-27 was mounted on Ford Model AA truck chassis. Both chassis were found to be inadequate to carry the heavy armor, and around 20 were later rebuilt on heavier, three-axle Ford-Timken truck chassis at Repair Base No. 2 (Rembaz No. 2), bearing designation BA-27M.
193 of BA-27 and BA-27M still remained in service on June 1, 1941, just before the German invasion of the Soviet Union. During the early stages of the war, several units were captured by Germans and pressed into their own service.
 Info: Wiki

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