Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eric Robot

An aluminium "man" that rises, bows and makes a "speech": a knight-like robot!
It had the honor of making the first speech in opening the exhibition and its success was such that London parents no longer frighten their disobedient children with talk of the "bogey-man." It Is "Eric. the Robot" who persuades the children into a regular and efficient performance of their chores.
 "The trouble is that up to the present time it needs two men to see that he does his work," said Captain Richards in describing his creation. "Thus as an economic factor it can't be said that he is paying his way. "

Sources: cyberneticzoo, whyfiles, Bundesarchv


-Warren Zoell said...

Here's a video of Eric the Robot.
Upon searching for this video, I never realized how many robots are named Eric.

Lord K said...

Thanks, Warren! Erics approve your comment ;-)