Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trimotor Flying Boat

Macchi M.C.100, 1939

Powered by three Alfa Romeo 126 RC 10 radial engines strut mounted above the wing; each driving a tractor propeller. Room for the three person crew was in a raised control cabin forward of the wing. A main cabin in the hull had accommodation for 26 passengers. The prototype first flew on the 7 January 1939. The prototype was followed by two more aircraft, and all three were in service by June 1940 with Ala Littoria operating between Rome-Algiers-Barcelona. With the start of World War II, the aircraft was used for liaison and communication duties and to maintain a daily Rome-Marsala-Tripoli service. (Source: Wikipedia)


Jack Philpott said...

More flying boat goodness, thanks, lord_k!

Lord K said...

My pleasure, Jack!