Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Sun Theatre, Yarraville

Yarraville is a suburb 6 km west of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Located near the Yarraville railway station on Anderson and Ballarat Streets, this area of the suburb is renowned in Melbourne for its unique character, architecture and quality of village life. Anderson and Ballarat Streets, in the heart of the Yarraville Village, are lined with refurbished 19th century buildings and dotted with quaint neighbourhood cafés, restaurants and boutique shops.
This village atmosphere is anchored by the restored Sun Theatre and the adjacent Sun bookshop, a prominent landmark in the Yarraville community with its unique art deco architecture and its 6 cinemas. Notable examples of Edwardian and Victorian architecture can be found in Yarraville.

Photo & text by Helefran @ Flickr

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