Thursday, October 4, 2012

Subway Tram

This colourful illustration was issued by the then municipal London County Council Tramways to publicise the re-opening of the subterranean Kinsway tram subway in 1931. It had been reconstructed to take double-deck trams. The subway ran from Theobolds Road to the Embankment, under Waterloo Bridge, and there were two tram 'stations' - at Holborn and Aldwych. It was an essential link between the vast tram network north and south of the Thames that would otherwise have been, effectively, severed due to the refusal of the inner London Councils at the time to countenance street running of tramways.
The poster shows both tram stations, the street above and the trams - 'Pullman' rather cheekily referred to the refurbishment of trams the LCC carried out - with upholstered seats - to make them less basic in comparison with the rapidly developing motor bus!
The artwork was also used as the cover for a booklet at the time.

Text, image: mickeyashworth @ Flickr

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