Saturday, April 13, 2013

Four-in -One Showcase

Now when the initial hype is over, I'm breaking my silence to join the choir of those who promote and recommend this remarkable selection:
Four stories
by Grant Gardiner, John Picha, Bard Constantine, and Jack Philpott
A.E. Ducheau, on Smashwords:
"From the first trench coat pocket packed with dynamite, to the last draw off a spent gasper, this ePulp collection cuts a wide, interesting swath across the Dieselpunk genre:

'That Sort of World' wanders the dirty back alleys of prohibition Chicago like a Tarantino nod to the Mobster genre, while 'Pandora Driver' cracks heads as a gas-powered, Frank Miller-penned, New Deal avenging angel. 'The Wise Man Says' channels Raymond Chandler through a high-tech, heist filter, as 'A Friend of Spirits' falls like a sunset over Hemingway's pre-Castro Cuba.

This ePulp Showcase goes a long way to demonstrating the solid thematic foundations of the dieselpunk genre and raises the bar for the sub-sub-genre at least a few notches closer to the mainstream. "
Get your free copy:
and have fun!


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