Friday, May 17, 2013

Plaza San Martín

Buenos Aires
The plaza in 1909 was the site for the inaugural of both the first premier hotel in Argentina (the Plaza) and of the new National Museum of Fine Arts, for which the glass and steel pavilion used at the 1889 World's Fair in Paris was enlisted; structurally inadequate, the pavilion was demolished in 1932, however. Plaza San Martín and its surroundings acquired their current physiognomy in 1936, when Charles Thays' son, Carlos León Thays, designed the esplanade surrounding the monument and when the 33-story Art Deco Kavanagh building was completed.

Photo by fstop22 @ Flickr


Diego Fernetti said...

The caption is incorrect. This is a famous building in Buenos Aires:
and not "San Martin city"!

Lord K said...

Hello Diego,
thought the building is too obvious to name it. Btw, some time ago I prepared a kind of a compilation dedicated to Edificio Kavanagh:

Thank you and don't be angry at old Dieselhead.