Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Swedish Armor

The LK-II was designed as Germany's response to the English 'Whippet' tank of WWI. Designed just before WW1 ended, only test models were assembled. In the greatest secrecy, they were imported in parts as steam plates and tractor details. After the reconstruction of the vehicles, trials were held at Svea and Göta Livgarde. The tanks had the designation Stridsvagn fm/22, shortly thereafter being known as Stridsvagn m/21.
Sweden bought 10 tanks in Autumn of 1921. The Strv m/21-29 (9.7 tons, 1 MG, 4-14mm armor, crew of four, Swedish Scania Vabis 1554 85hp petrol engine, 18 km/h) was a modernised version of the normal m/21.

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