Tuesday, March 23, 2010

British Streamline

Hillman Streamlined Sedan (supposedly 1934 model, £245) and Supermarine S.6, the Schneider Trophy winner


Freddie Dixon said...

Great image - there's a book coming out in July about Art Deco influenced British car designs

Lord K said...

Good to know. Thanks.

Tim Green said...

I am Aero Minx registrar for the Hillman Owners Club and own two Aeros. I collect anything related to the Aero Minx. I love the Aero Minx advert. Do you know where the original brochure is please? Or could I obtain a good high resolution copy?

Tim Green said...

The car on the ad is the 1933 model as launched at the 1932 London Motor Show. It was very soon changed and the 1934 model was quite different. Only two cars are known to survive.

Lord K said...

Hello Tim,

as far as I remember, the image was downloaded from a now-defunct friendly blog. Unfortunately, I haven't got a higher resolution version.

Thanks for the info. I'll let you know in case I come across the brochure and/or a high-res scan.

Tim Green said...

Thanks Lord K
Great website by the way. So much good stuff to peruse.

Lord K said...

You're most welcome, Tim.