Thursday, September 9, 2010

Captain America is Back

As a comic book star of the Forties, Captain America was as patriotic emblem for his country, often depicted fighting the Nazi powers of World War II.
But it seems the Captain America in the forthcoming movie based on the iconic cartoon character is going to be bringing his powers to Britain as well.
American actor Chris Evans, who also starred in the Fantastic Four comic book films, is playing the title role in the film.
There was also a magnificent Forties-style car on set, which was seen being driven through a woodland location, as well as some more futuristic looking motorcycles.
The film started shooting in June, when Tommy Lee Jones was confirmed as playing US Army Colonel Chester Phillips.

Read the Daily Mail article (more pictures!)

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Bruce Partington-Plans said...

Looks and sounds quite promising...

The Nightmare Child said...



Warren Zoell said...

Here in Canada and the US there is some anger over this upcoming movie because they're turning Captain America into a politically correct simp. Not the Captain America of old. I suspect this movie will not do well.

Lord K said...

To Warren:
if the rumours are true, it is a ready-made failure.