Monday, November 7, 2011

Make It Happen

Dieselpunk is more than streamline design, weird weapons, elegant fashion and flying boats. It is music - melodies of old and sound of tomorrow.

Over the last 16 years, Wolfgang Parker founded the Dieselpunk genre with his 1998 debut album “Hep City Swing,” and went on to release 3 additional albums, “Octoboure” (2000), “Room Nienteen” (2007), and “Petty Standards” (2010). “Father of the Black Cat, Pt. I” is the first batch of all-original music the band has recorded in 10 years.
“Father of the Black Cat, Part I” offers not just new music, but a new approach to music all together. By embracing the independent fundraising platform of Kickstarter, Wolfgang and his band will give an all-access view into the creation of the album as well as Wolfgang’s personal insight into the songs themselves; songs Parker says are the most honest, and personally revealing he has ever written. Videos will be shot by the band as they rehearse, track, and hear the final mixes for the first time.
Backers can choose rewards ranging from .mp3 files of the songs to a hardcopy CD autographed by the entire band, hand written lyric sheets, and more. A few backers will have the chance to snag ultra-rare copies of Wolfgang’s early albums, “Hep Ciy Swing,” “Octoboure,” and the American edition of “Room Nineteen” autographed by the band to the individual backer.

A portrait of Wolfgang: from the Lovely Gianncarlo @ myspace

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