Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Road Zeppelin

This is the first version of the Ludewig Aero type Straßenzepp (Road Zeppelin) Essen with 21 seats. Based on an Opel Blitz 3.5 tonnes chassis and powered by a 64 hp engine, it was first bus, teste in the wind tunnel . The development was carried out in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Emil August Everling of the Aerodynamic Research Institute (AVA) in Göttingen.
Other features: self-supporting all-aluminum body. The hallways are next to the frame, the seats are mounted on the frame and facing outward. The trunk is moved to the roof, directly over the heads of the passengers. Total height about 2 meters. The vehicles boasted luxury features including a refrigerator for 21 bottles of champagne. Nevertheless, it is the first of the very popular Autobahn-Bus in the 30s.
Info: mke124 @ Flickr
Photo 1 via cheryldecarteret @ Flickr
More German streamline coaches @ Dieselpunks.org

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