Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Escort Aircraft Carrier

HMS Nairana (in 1946-1948 - HNLMS Karel Doorman)
She was built at John Brown & Company shipyards in Clydebank, Scotland. When construction started in 1941 she was intended as a merchant ship, but was completed and launched as an escort carrier, entering service at the end of 1943.
Nairana operated escorting convoys and doing anti-submarine work in the Atlantic and Arctic theatres. She survived the war, and in 1946 was transferred to the Dutch Navy as the Karel Doorman (QH1), the first Dutch aircraft carrier. In 1948 she was replaced in the Dutch Navy by another Karel Doorman (R81), previously HMS Venerable. Nairana was returned to the Royal Navy, and immediately sold to Port Line, becoming the merchant ship Port Victor. In 1971 she was scrapped at Faslane.

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