Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flying Hamburger

When viewed from the front the train bears a remarkable resemblance to a grotesque face, as will be seen from the illustration below. It cannot be called a "Zeppelin on rails," since it lacks the propellers of the fast train, constructed by the engineer Kruckenberg of Hanover, which reached a maximum speed of 124.26 miles per hour ; but it certainly is appropriately called the "Flying Hamburger."
To travel on the "Flying Hamburger" type of train is an experience in itself, but one that must, in time, become a part of normal transport. The "Flying Hamburger" type takes the place of the "F.D." (long distance) trains. It carries 102 passengers and reaches a maximum speed of loo miles per hour, with an average speed of 77.4 miles per hour from Berlin to Hamburg and 76.3 miles per hour in the reverse direction, on the run of 178.1 miles. The fare on this train costs no more than that of a second-class journey on the "F.D." expresses.

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