Friday, November 27, 2009

Treaty Cruiser

The Washington Naval Treaty of 1921 introduced very strict limits on the construction of battleships and battlecruisers, defined as warships of more than 10,000 tons standard displacement or with armament of a calibre greater than eight inches (203 mm). Under this limit, far fewer restrictions applied. The 10,000 tons and 155 mm (6-inch) level was set. The emergence of these new, powerful cruiser classes sparked off something of a cruiser arms-race.

Here is one of the first 'treaty cruisers', HMS Suffolk:
Ordered on 15th February 1924 from HM Dockyard, Portsmouth and laid down on 30th September that year. The ship was launched on 16th February 1928 and completed on 31st May 1928.
Armed with eight 8-in guns in twin turrets on a 10,000-ton displacement with a thin (50mm) armor belt.

Battle Honours:
NORWAY 1940 - BISMARCK Action - ARCTIC 1941-2 - BURMA 1945

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