Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HMS Vindictive

Improved Birmingham-Class cruiser built by Harland and Wolff at Belfast under an Emergency War Programme and was ordered in July 1917. She was laid down on 8th December 1917 and was intended to be named Cavendish, but on selection to be converted for use as an aircraft carrier was renamed.
This cruiser was launched on 18th December 1918 and the 5th RN warship to carry the name Vindictive. Her conversion involved removal of 3 of her 6in guns and the fitting of a 215 ft landing deck aft with another forward measuring 100 ft. The ship carried six or eight aircraft, depending on their type. Build was completed on 19th June 1919.
In 1925 the ship was again converted and reverted to use as a cruiser in 1929. The forward hangar was retained and a catapult with crane for recovery were fitted aft. After 11 years use as a cruiser yet another conversion was authorised and the ship was converted for use as a Cadet Training Ship.
She was disarmed and modified to provide the facilities for training of Cadets. As a result her use during WW2 was limited to support duties.

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