Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mechanical Horse

In 1934, Scammell produced the 3-wheeled 'Mechanical Horse', designed by Oliver North to replace horses in rail, postal and other delivery applications.
This featured automatic carriage coupling and the single front wheel could be steered through 360 degrees. It was sold in 3- and 6-ton versions.
The 3-tonner was powered by a 1,125 cc side-valve petrol engine and the 6-tonner by a 2,043 cc engine. Karrier had introduced a similar vehicle, the 'Cob', four years earlier. In 1948, the 'Horse' was replaced with streamlined 'Scarab'.
From 1937, a Citroën Traction Avant -powered version was made under licence in France, by Chenard-Walcker-FAR, known as the 'Pony Mécanique'. This continued in production, in various versions, until 1970.


Fidel said...

Hi Lord, new Modiano exhibition:
and you can find some photos here:

Lord K said...

Hi Fidel,
thanks alot!]
Probably you'll like this:

Fidel said...

Sure, I like them.
I saw the Modiano one (the one green and black with the woman smoking) live.