Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Help Needed

Tome Wilson wrote:

Jordan (Mr. Bodewell around here) is not only a great guy with a wife and kid, but he also runs the steampunk/alternative music label Sepiachord. You might have seen him on Dieselpunks sharing new music with us every day, or you might have listened to The Sepiachord Passport this year. As one of the cornerstones of our community, I love Jordan and everything he does for us.
Long story short, Jordan's family recently got hit with some very serious medical bills. Even with insurance, payment plans, and a second job, Jordan is going to have to turn off everything and close Sepiachord for at least a few years until he can get back on his feet.

So, if you have a few quid and a heart, you can help my friend give his family a good holiday. We may not be able to pay off everything, but we can at least make sure Jordan can keep his family warm and fed this Winter.

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