Friday, December 10, 2010

Torre Littoria

Turin, Italy
Architect: Armando Melis de Villa
Engineer: Giovanni Bernocco
Built in 1933-1934

Photo by nicolasnova
(Full frame @ Flickr)


G.B.C. said...

Wow! The controversial "Torre Littoria" of Turin (Lictorian Tower, for its resemblance with the symbol of the Italian fascist party).
I often thought about taking a 'dieselpunkish' b/w picture of it, but I always had some difficulties to cut off the surrounding baroque buildings.
I work in a nearby building, maybe I'll try to take a picture from a window.

Lord K said...

Will be happy to see your picture of the tower.

Davide Mana said...

Also known as "L'Obbrobrio" (The Eyesore) to old-time Turin citizens, as it stands alone and lethal as a stake smack in the center of Turin's baroque heart.

When we were students, we called it "The future through the eyes of yesterday".
There's a few such structures scattered around town, but none so offensive ;-)