Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bizarre, Weird or Just Unusual?

It's a Maybach. Yes, Maybach. No mistake.
Its full name is Maybach SW38 Stromllinien Cabriolet.
Body built in 1937 (or 1938) by Spohn, one of the finest German ateliers.
I don't know why the coachbuilders decided to imitate the Tatra 77 (three headlights, rounded nose, etc.)
But the result is quite bizarre. Or weird?..


Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Amazing desing.

Sharon Rupert said...
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StillOutThere said...

Spohn created coach built bodies on numerous chassis including those of Europe's finest. For some reason the hobby has come to focus almost exclusively on those that were highly unusual in design while failing to mention they were built to customer request.
There are several dozens of restored Maybach cars bodied by Spohn with incredibly beautiful bodies of which photos are rarely posted. And that is truly unfortunate and a disservice to history.

Lord K said...

Spohn are regarded by yours truly as one of the best coachbuilders ever, capable of creating both classic and highly sophisticated experimental bodies well ahead of their time. As most of their colleagues they were dependent on the client's taste - just what we see here. Obviously, the client wanted to drive a Maybach which looked like a Tatra 87.
Surviving Maybachs and other Spohn-bodied cars with 'conservative' coachwork are widely exposed.