Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wirgin Edinex

The Edinex viewfinder cameras for 35mm film were made by Gebr. Wirgin in Wiesbaden. The first model was certainly introduced in the mid-1930s. The same camera was also sold by Adox as the Adrette, released in the late 1930s.
Expensive models of the early Edinex and Adrette were offered with unit focusing and fast lenses, while cheaper models had slower front cell focusing lenses. In both cases, the lens and shutter unit is mounted on a telescopic tube.
Production of the camera was resumed after World War II.
Early Edinex, Schneider Xenon 4.5cm f/2, Compur-Rapid shutter.
A Japanese Walz rangefinder is mounted on the accessory post.
Photo by herrschmidtke @ Flickr
Info: Camera-wiki.org

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