Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flying Vulture

Breguet Br.460-01 Vultur
June 10, 1935

In 1935 the Société Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Breguet produced the Bre 460 M5 Vultur light bomber and strike aircraft, powered by two Gnome & Rhône 14Krsd engines, only one example was produced.
The Bre 460 M5 was developed into the Bre 462 B4, fitted with new engines, reduced cabin glazing area, a new tail, and enhanced equipment; the first of two examples produced was flown in October 1936.


modernesia said...

This is a Dieselpunk-looking aircraft if I've ever seen one. Where can I find more information about it?

Lord K said...

If information is scarce, ask Romantic Technofreak:
Quite a long story there.