Monday, August 6, 2012

Le Grand Rex

Opened on Dec. 8, 1932, the largest cinema in Paris was designed by French architect Auguste Bluysen, with Romanian-American John Eberson as consulting architect. The design was inspired by the famous Radio City Music Hall (New York).
During the German occupation, it was used as a "Soldatenkino" (Soldier's theatre)
The theatre is host to the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival, a six-day event that attracts more than 48,000 attendees and is the most important adventure and discovery film festival in the world each April. In December there is the Féerie des Eaux, an aquatic-themed event featuring 1200 onstage jets of water, centering around a recently released family film.

Images: Truus, Bob & Jan too! (1); world of andrew woodyatt (4)

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