Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Wing, Soviet Style

KHAI-3 (KhAI-Aviavnito-3 "Sergei Kirov") flying wing, designed by A. Lazarev and A. Krol, was first flown at September 23, 1936 (pilot E. Schwarz). In 1937-38 it served at some local routes around Moscow carrying cargo and passengers, being the world’s first flying wing really used as transport aircraft!.
Powered by a single 110-hp M-11 engine, this small plane with a one-man crew could carry 12 passengers in two separate compartments, each one for 6. It was rather slow (cruising speed ~120 km/h), easy to handle and cost-saving. Only one was built.
Soviet 'powered gliders': some more info

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