Monday, July 26, 2010

White Mars

Mars was a factory for iron ovens in Nuremberg / Germany and later also built bicycles. In 1903 the company started to produce motorcycles and automobiles. Automobile production remained a brief episode which already ended in 1908. The manufacturing of motorcycles, however, was continued until the middle of the 1920s.
The most famous model was the legendary “White Mars” (model A20). It was designed in 1920 by Claus Franzenberg and built until 1925. The air-cooled engine has a displacement of 956 ccm and an output of approx. 8 hp. The frame is made of welded and bolted sheet-steel. The motorcycle weighs about 140 kg and reaches a maximum speed of approx. 90 km/h. A striking feature is the starting-handle which is required for starting of the engine.

Unknown to many, the ”White Mars” was also available in green and red paint.

This fantastic machine, a milestone of motorcycle history, was powered by a 2-cylinder transverse boxer engine designed by Franzenberg and manufactured by Maybach in Friedrichshafen exclusively for Mars.

Sources (text & images): Designboom, Technik Museum Sinsheim

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