Sunday, April 3, 2011

Delage V12 Labourdette Vutotal

In 1937 Delage, Delahaye and STAS decided to created a closed Grand Prix car. Louis Delage had his engineer Albert Lory build a new 4.5 liter prototype engine on a Delahaye 135 chassis.
Fitted was a spectacular body that was designed by Jean Andreau. His wooden model was then sent to the workshop of Carroserrie Labourdette where Jean Henri Labourdette manufactured the body and used his patented Vutotal glass windshield.
As #4, it participated in the 1937 French Grand Prix, but was damaged during practice. It was then repaired and repainted in two-tone for the Paris Auto Show. Afterwards its body was removed for more standard coachwork. The new body debuted at Brooklands but was destroyed in a lethal crash.

Info: Richard Owen @


Larry Amyett, Jr said...

What an amazing car! Gorgeous.

Lord K said...

Most amazing Labourdette body ever.

Rene Fijten said...

What a design. Incredible.