Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Montreal at Night

The Aldred building and the towers of Notre-Dame basilica
Photo by MartinMtl @ skyscrapercity.com

The Aldred Building, designed by Ernest Isbell Barott, of the firm Barott and Blackader, was Montreal's first skyscraper. Its construction demonstrated several significant events: the shift from classical detailing to a modern style free of historical reference; the beginning of the age of skyscrapers in Montreal; a new type of building structure, the use of new materials, and the introduction of modern services; and the extravagance and economic success of the 1920s. Commencing construction on July 20, 1929, in the prime of the ‘roaring twenties’, it was fortunate that work on the Aldred Building continued despite the historical stock market crash three months later. Upon completion in 1931, the building was described by the Montreal Gazette as "graceful and dignified, one of the most beautiful structures in the city". Presently overwhelmed in height by modern skyscrapers, in its day the Aldred Building was a beacon, towering over Montreal (source).

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