Friday, April 8, 2011

One Man Machine Gun Carrier

Vickers-Carden-Loyd Utility Tractor experimental conversion

The machine gun is a Vickers Berthier (an unsuccesful BREN competitor). The front area of the Carden Loyd MG Carrier was armoured and the mounting could be folded up to allow the driver to fire the gun from the vehicle.
The tractor was fitted with 4-cyl. gasoline engine and 5-speed gearbox. In its regular guise it was a humble workhorse:


Nebris said...

It seems it's for sale: "We have been led to believe this is the only one of its type left in preservation. It was captured by the Germans in France during WW11 and later used by a French farmer as a tractor.It was found by its present owner in 2006 and is being fully restored in our workshops. A unique opportunity to own a unique Military vehicle, serious enquiries only please."

Lord K said...

Or was for sale. It's interesting who's the happy owner.

Nebris said...

And the bottom pic is of the Belgium 'cavalry version'. The text notes another one that was in a private collection in Trieste.

You have to scroll down to the fifth vehicle:

Lord K said...

Of course it's Belgian, towing a Mod. 1931 47mm AT gun. Photo taken in 1940.

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jowdjbrown said...

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