Friday, April 22, 2011

One of a Kind

The unique Udet U 11 Kondor was developed in 1925 for Deutsche Aero Lloyd, an airline in search of an 8-passenger plane capable of flying over the Alpes.
A high wing monoplane with all-metal fuselage was powered by four Siemens-Halske Sh.12 air-cooled pusher engines (92 hp). The passenger cabin was spacious, 3.90 m long, 1.6 m wide and 2.0 m high. There were also a luggage compartment and toilet. Pilot and navigator were seated in an enclosed cabin, with an open cockpit for the observer. Top speed was 160 km/h (at 2,000 m), cruising speed 135 km/h, maximal range 520 km.
The U 11 made its maiden flight on January 19, 1926, with Harry Rother at the controls. The plane appeared underpowered, too heavy for its engines. Its prospective buyer, already merged with Junkers Luftverkehr AG into Luft Hansa, preferred more powerful Junkers G 23/24 trimotors.
However, after a series of tests with the DVL (German Aviation Laboratory) the U 11 joined Luft Hansa fleet as an experimental aircraft. In 1928, it has been seriously damaged as a result of emergency landing and never flew again.
The Udet Kondor has a distinction of being the first quadrimotor flown by Luft Hansa.

Source: FliegerWeb


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about the Kondor before (shame on me! I'm a pilot's daughter - I should have) so thanks a lot for this interesting article.
I just discovered your blog yesterday but I know already that I'll visit again often. ;)

Sending greetings from Germany,

Lord K said...

My pleasure, Sal.

Hanny said...

Does the company Udet have any relation to the pilot Ernst Udet?

Lord K said...

Yes of course. Ernst Udet was the company owner.